Monday, October 27, 2008

I had a dream

I had a dream last night that I once again owned a cat, and that Mr. Sinta worked at Sears, which he has never done. Mr. Sinta took us both, me and the cat, to a couples' retreat, where we did not know anyone, because he thought that I wanted to go. Someone admired my cat, and my cat bit the someone. This was not a good way to make friends. We left at the first intermission to get ice cream. For some reason, Abby was with us, probably it was the mental association with ice cream.

I am glad to be home from the San Jose game, where it turns out we were on ESPN several times, and the Broncos won. We spent a day tooling around the wharves in San Francisco, touring and shopping and eating at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was great!


Airport Gal said...

Why are dreams so weird? I've had a couple of really wild ones this past week. I'm wondering if stress doesn't affect my night-time wanderings?

Alisa said...

Dreams are so weird. My roommate and i were talking about this last night. I've been dreaming in monochromatic tones lately, but I used to dream in full color.

What do you dream in?