Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Had Another Dream

Okay, so I am being extremely lazy, and not posting about the Marathon. Someday, I will do that...

I had a great dream last night. In the dream I had my own pet fish. I know it was MY pet fish because when I left the house to go somewhere, I reached my hand in the tank and took it out. I carried it with me everywhere and also talked to it quite a bit. When I got back home having completed a number of wonderful adventures which I am sadly unable to recall, I put my fish back in the tank. I remember really loving my fish, and believing that he was a faithful and supportive friend, although we lived in two entirely different worlds. Inexplicably, Mr. Sinta took my fish out of the tank when I was not looking, and I could not find him anymore.

I woke with the sensation of having had an absolutely terrific fish for a pet, and also the sadness of a friendship lost.

I am thinking it would make a great book for children who have an offbeat sense of humor, and aren't PETA members. Sensitive, unbalanced young conservatives could appreciate that kind of thing. The problem would be finding a way to market to the 7 or 8 sensitive, unbalanced young conservatives in the English speaking world.

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SprinklerBandit said...

If you got one of those creepy rope fish, you could take it everywhere with you. They can survive in or out of water.