Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I would like to announce a contest that will be coming up in the month of November on my blog. Here's the gist of it.

Think of the twenty most famous and influential people who never lived. You will need to come up with the names of fictional characters who have shaped American/Western culture. These characters may not have been in books. They may be non existent in other media. On November 15th, send me your list. The person with the most correct answers will win.


R said...

It may be just too late in the day or I am just a moron and I don't get it. Do you mean someone like

The Green Giant or

Smokey Bear?

Alisa said...

Dude, this is a toughie. Good thing you warned us ahead of time.

Mrs. Sinta said...

To clarify: Characters of fiction, myth, legends, television and movies who have shaped society, changed our behavior or set the course of history. I am asking you to determine the most influential. Yes, Smokey Bear is on the list. I give it to you as a freebie!

R said...

Smokey Bear
Paul Bunyan
the working woman with the flexing arm who is on posters
Uncle Sam
the boogie man
Santa Claus
the Easter Bunny
Frankenstein's Monster
Jean Valjean
Uncle Tom
the Headless Horseman
Alice (In Wonderland)

I will have to try to think of some more later.

Gabrielle Krake said...

John Doe
Count of Monte Cristo
Mrs. Robinson
The Three Musketeers
Uncle Tom
Cool Hand Luke
Sandra Dee
Sherlock Holmes
The little girl on Poltergiest
Uncle Sam
Mickey Mouse
Betty Boop
Aunt Jemima
Dick & Jane
Stepford Wives
Smokey the Bear
Yosemite Sam

Gabrielle Krake said...

Thanks for the great site!