Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mrs. Sinta Gets A Life

Congratulations to any faithful blog readers who actually made it through the entire wedding day blog entry! Jenn A., the dope-smoking worship leader, informed me that she was not smoking dope in the photo, but she put one of the little cake stands in her mouth and was attempting to eat the frosting out of it after the wedding. If everyone believes that, we can cancel the intervention meeting which was originally set for Friday. Thanks for cluing us in.

I am not going to write much tonight except to repeat what Mrs. V. told me after I told her that I joined a running club (Mrs. B. is going to be one of the coaches) at See Jane Run, and I am a new part of Veritas Coffeehouse Classic Book Reading Club that caters to women who take two weeks to read a classic book. Also, I explained that my complete curriculum for Abby's senior year consists of an American History book and and English language book, because Abby will be taking her other classes at BSU. To this Mrs. V. responded, "You have a life!"

Yes, I do have a life, but I have procrastinated in kind of a bad way about reading The Aeneid, which Ryan highly recommends by the way as being an actually interesting classic book, and now I need to go spend some time reading it.

I loved teaching my children at home, and having my children around the house. And I do remember hiding in the bathroom to get some alone time to read a book more than once when they were small. Only God knows the exact number. The pronounced red indentations on my rear were probably somewhat like those tree rings that you can count. I have to say though, that I had a life before I had more free time on my hands, and I loved it. Now I just have a different kind of life, and I am learning to love it.