Friday, June 20, 2008

The Aeneid

Last night when I was supposed to be reading The Aeneid, I was sleeping. Tonight, I can iron, weed the roses or read The Aeneid before Mr. Sinta returns home from his trip.

Tomorrow is Abby's summer recital. She missed 8 days of practice and one lesson because she was on a missions trip in L.A. with the Dream Center. Her favorite part was ministering on Skid Row. As a 17-year-old-home schooled female, I am sure it was unlike anything she has ever witnessed previously. Let's be honest. I'm sure it was unlike I have ever experienced. They gave away food at housing projects, witnessed to people, offered to pray for people, visited high schools and invited people to different events etc. She said that the people who were the most closed to ministry, like completely, were the prostitutes. Some of the high schoolers that she invited to a youth event told her that they could not go because it was a different gang area, and they would be killed over there. This is definitely a different way of life. She honestly could not tell who was high and who was just smoking, which was sometimes a problem. Thank you to everyone who prayed for her. I have watched my kids take off to do different things over the years, but this one left me anxious until people started praying. She plans on going to Portland Bible College, and returning to the Dream Center to volunteer as an intern for a year. She also got to do some really fun things like see part of a movie being filmed, visit Malibu beach, and shop at Hollywood Blvd. The last day she rode the coasters at Six Flags Over Magic Mountain with Pastor Alan because everyone else was too afraid to go. Abby loves roller coasters. Everyone has their gift. Mine is not the L.A. slums or or roller coasters.

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