Friday, June 27, 2008

He's Home

On Wednesday morning, I found Mr. Sinta in a hospital conference room being lectured about the heart by a fat woman who was an expert. Next, we heard from a very in shape exercise expert about the activity level to have post heart attack. This was followed by instruction by a dietician. Next, his nurse gave us a run down on final other instructions and drug instructions before they sent me down to bring the car around for him. They didn't make him get in a wheelchair, which is good because I think there might have been a scene.

He said that his heart does not hurt at all. The only thing that hurts is where they stuck some apparatus in his leg to dig around to find a vein and take pictures of his heart in the cath lab. That REALLY hurts. Other people tell us that it didn't hurt them at all. I think that he had a real rookie who was terrible doing it. It makes him walk with a limp, but hopefully that will be healed soon.

The doctor said that his heart is in good shape, but he was very concerned about his diabetes which was out of control because Mr. Sinta had not been maintaining his diet etc., so he is back on meds for that. He has four prescriptions in all for this month.

We consider this a very scary wake up call to take care of his body.

It was scary for everyone to have him be unconscious in the parking lot and taken off by the paramedics to the hospital. I hope I never see it again. It was overwhelming.

We went to the grocery store to shop for new foods that he can enjoy and still be healthy yesterday.

We took a 1 1/2 mile walk this morning. Today we went to Sage Hen Reservoir for a few hours to relax and be with friends. We took the deluxe route through the towns of Ola and Sweet. We hiked a nature trail.

Tonight I went to another Boise Burn. Some people who prayed for me had very encouraging prophetic words for me. That meant a great deal to me. This week kind of seemed like Hell Week or something.

It is really good to be home with Mr. Sinta!

We are even planning on going camping with friends soon to Granjean, up by the Sawtooth National Forest. Mr. Sinta is shocked at me. For years, I refused to camp with anyone other than just our family. I guess that I am mellowing out a little. It actually sounds like fun to go with other people. For some reason, I never wanted to do it before.


Alisa said...

I'm so glad he's okay!


R said...

I am so glad he is okay too! I enjoyed reading this post. It is just good to hear that things are getting taken care of, that you are all out enjoying nature, and God has been so merciful! :)

Have a great time camping with friends! LOL!

R said...

BTW---I love your feet too.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Thank you very much. My feet even thank you. Mr. Sinta and Abby are washing his truck.