Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mr. Sinta

Today, Mr. Sinta called me from work and said to come because he was having terrible chest pains. I drove to the office and found him unconscious on the grass beside our office parking lot with Ryan on the phone to 911. The ambulance took him to St. Al's, and we followed in our cars. (Aimee drove me. Those of you who read the wedding day blog will know why.) I spent the time trying to make cell phone calls to people who would pray for Paul. I am sorry for those that I could not reach. I realized today that I have very few of our out of town relatives programmed into my phone. I keep really useful numbers there, like the pizza place, and local friends.

All of his tests were normal in the morning, but his chest hurt terribly. They made him stay for the results of some blood test. He sent us home while waiting in the afternoon. I went back to find out that he was being moved to a room because the blood showed that there was some heart damage.

After a test in which dye is injected into the heart, the doctor found that Mr. Sinta actually had the world's smallest heart attack, but a heart attack nonetheless. He is resting comfortably at this time. His blood sugar went up to 400 and that needs to come under control as well. He said that his chest did not hurt anymore.

I really appreciate all of your prayers for us, past, present and future. It looks like he will be in the hospital until about Thursday.

Okay, so now I will tell you the funny part. When he was moved to a room around 8 p.m., we had Aimee, Brent, Megan, Bob, Shirley and me. Everyone stayed while the doctor told us what he wanted to do. Afterwards, I was talking to Abby about it (We sent her to work because it looked like it was not a heart attack at 2 p.m.), Abby said that it reminded her of that scene from the movie, While You Were Sleeping. Yes, that was us, the group think family and friends.

Later the Pergersons came as well, to the waiting room, which was very nice.

Our pastor came and prayed for Paul while he was out of it in the emergency room, and anointed him with oil. It was good to be cared about.


Lyssa said...

That must have been so scary. Praise the Lord for quick hospital care. We will be praying for his recovery and health!

Mrs. Sinta said...

Thank you.

SprinklerBandit said...

Technically, I called 911.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Thank you for that clarification.