Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Your Children Eventually Grow Up

I am slowly coming to realize that your children eventually grow up.

I confess that I went into Aimee's room when she was sleeping last week, and just looked at her because soon she will be married, and she will not be sleeping in our house anymore. We just brought her home yesterday, it seems, and now she is leaving.

Tonight was Abby's 17th birthday. Mr. Sinta had to be out of town this week; he has never missed anyone's birthday before this. We had a birthday lunch as a family on Sunday. Tonight I took Abby and two of her friends to a restaurant down town to celebrate. I will say it again because you probably missed it; my baby is now seventeen years old. This one is the world traveler, and I do not anticipate seeing much of her once she leaves in 15 months for Portland. She is also the only teenager I know who wanted a clothes hamper for her birthday. (White wicker with a cloth liner, thank you.)

Ryan is going to be 21 on Sunday. He will be gone a great deal of the summer at an army camp.

We are rapidly heading toward the empty nest stage. I read a blog, Femina, about what to do with this years. I do not agree, but she is worth reading. You can also view my non agreeing comment if you know my name. Since I have been home educating for all of these years living a pretty secluded life at home, I think that I want to go back to college and get a degree in something that I enjoy and could possibly use, like Organizational Leadership or English Literature or Art History.

It will be fun, but not nearly as fun as being a mom. Nothing else is as demanding or as rewarding. Enjoy them while you've got them, or when you get them, depending on where you are in life.


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