Tuesday, April 29, 2008

All The Other Birthdays Will Be Different

After posting about my great birthday, I realized that I left out something important. All three kids, 17, 19 and 21, danced the can-can together spontaneously to entertain me. I think that they were also singing, but I don't remember what. With Aimee getting married, things will be different next year. Kind of a sad thought. Will she be too dignified to dance and sing with her siblings on my birthday? It is not a good thought to ponder, rather I will cherish the memory of my 48th b-day with their performance.

We are heading out soon to Portland to investigate a college for Abby, and then to the coast for some R and R. Sadly, we cannot take Aimee and Ryan who have school. Double sadness, we cannot take our dog. He is getting older, but he absolutely loves the beach and the ocean. Because Paul and Abby will be flying back, and I am staying a few extra days for a conference, it just does not work to take Randy.

Our lives are changing rapidly, and it is taking a little adjusting on my part. I loved all those busy crazy years of taking kids everywhere and doing everything. Okay, not baseball, but pretty much everything else. I have been realizing that I need to develop a life of my own, and soon.

Today Abby and I were reading more from our English Literature book, and I think that is the direction that I will go, pursuing a degree in Eng. Lit. I actually enjoyed some of the 20th century poets. For a time, I thought that I would pursue some type of ministry opportunity, but I have decided against it. I do not have the iron stomach that it would require to handle all of the ups and downs, disappointments and rejection that go with that. Best to be honest with myself that I am not cut out for that sort of thing.


Alisa said...

An English Lit degree is cool; but I hate writing essays. Good for you if you like that sort of thing!

R said...

I used to love writing essays! That was the most fun part! I loved defending my ideas. I think you will do just fine.

You are a genius, don't forget that! :)

Airport Gal said...

You will find your way to new things after your kids leave. But, you're correct! The teenage years with all the ups and downs, plus tremendous amounts of activities and energy is a marvelous, wonderful time! You will miss is it, but God has other things in store for you!

Mrs. Sinta said...

Thank you for all of your encouragement!