Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Second Lap and Vote for Judd

The Big Shower Event was really fun. Most of the very talented women who helped create the invitations came back to make fruit trays (they were beautiful works of art), hang crepe paper, slice meat and buns, and make punch, etc. so that we could make it happen. They were also very gracious about doing name tags and helping with our game which was really not a game at all. I hate shower games. We handed out forms and asked everyone to give Aimee advice on a number of topics. She read some of the advice aloud for our entertainment. I liked Carol V's advice on the wedding: Don't leave him at the altar. The crowd roared. There were a lot of us. Everyone was so busy talking to everyone else that it became difficult to get their attention when we were moving to something different, like eating, or passing out prizes. The prize winners were just drawn randomly from the advice paper pile. Ok, so the funny prizes weren't so funny, except to me; they were weird. Sara R. won a large gift bag of toilet paper. Carol V. won herbal teas. Faith won special hot cocoa mixes. Lisa won spot cleaner and ant killer. At least they were useful! Aimee received many beautiful and useful gifts, including lingerie, and everyone had fun. Mr. Sinta and Ryan went out to eat and to a movie, "The Bucket List," because they knew it would take a long time to open all the gifts, and they wanted to avoid a large group of women like that. Afterwards, we had cheesecake from Costco with lots of yummy berries. After most of the guests left, we had face off between a Canadian and a new U.S. citizen from Bosnia, and a handful of saner people to referee the repartee. Erma, our Bosnian friend, loves to tease the inimitable Miss J. from Saskatchewan. Thank you spell check. I would have to say that the Bosnian sent enough verbal slap shots to be declared the winner. When there were just four of us left, we ran to see the house that Brent bought for Aimee, and then to J.C.Penney's with our friends and family coupons. (New sunglasses and some pearl jewelry.) Then, Abby and I left most of the kitchen mess, and just sat down and watched, "You've Got Mail," because I was too bushed to do anything else. We did eventually put the house back together on Monday, and we both went to work in the afternoon.

I am really busy at work, and I almost never read the news at work, but I did find one fascinating political item which I will share with you:

Texas prison inmate cons way onto Idaho primary ballot

Keith Russell Judd is serving time at the Beaumont Federal Correctional Institution in Texas for making threats at the University of New Mexico in 1999. He's scheduled for release in 2013.

Judd, 49, qualified for the ballot by submitting a notarized form and paying the required $1,000 fee, state Secretary of State Ben Ysursa said. As a result, Democratic voters will be able to choose between Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Judd.

Prison officials told the state elections office that Judd sent out about 14 checks to states seeking to get on the presidential election ballot and about half had been returned. He qualified as a write-in candidate in Kentucky, California, Indiana and Florida, but Idaho apparently is the only state where his name will appear on the ballot.

There you have it, dear readers. This is our big opportunity to save time and stress in our court system. Instead of electing someone and then sending them to prison, we can save time by electing someone already in prison. This is a delightfully superior alternative to Obama and Clinton.


Alisa said...

Lol! Your prizes are kind of lame. But, at least they're useful. :P

Clever comment about the news story! haha!

Jenn Austring said...

Yes, The Bosnimerican did win.. my mental capacity was not very high after that day. i had a lot of fun at the after party.. too bad i missed the after after party. ;)

Mrs. Sinta said...

Lame prizes and shallow movies are my forte.

Airport Gal said...

Sounds like a fabulous and fun wedding shower! Goofy prizes and lots of laughs are much preferred to serious, somber shower games like: look at the things on the tray and try to write them all down!

Mrs. Sinta said...

I especially despise the tray game. The eleventh commandment forbids the tray game at showers. When we neglect the spiritual component of our celebrations, the carnality of a group of prize hungry women turns into chaos.