Saturday, April 12, 2008

How It Went

The week is gone. I am sorry for not posting, faithful readers. We had family birthdays on April 1st, 6th and 11th, and the funeral of a friend on the 11th as well. The other reason that I have not been posting is that I have been using those spare minutes to play Scrabulous on Face Book. Mostly, I am winning. It is not addicting, but it is distracting. I mean, who wants to read all those forwards which are continually sent to me if I can be cleaning someone's clock at Scrabble. PLUS, it does not mean having a Scrabble board set up on my dining room table. I think that I have five games going at this time.

With the birthdays out of the way, I can work on addressing wedding invitations. Also, the house needs a thorough cleaning, and the dog needs a bath. I joined Curves this week. It is a club for old women to keep them from decaying. Did I mention that my birthday is the 26th? I am still young in my head, but fat in my butt. "Life," as Carol Benjamin used to say, "is so daily." It means that we have to hit the battlefields everyday or we fall backwards.

I want to take Mr. Sinta on a date tonight to see National Treasure II. Unfortunately, it is not on until the 8:45 showing. We will see if I can get through my list today, and if he can stay awake that late.

It looks like we may have a cake provider for the wedding. We meet with her on Tuesday. I feel like I am running a life marathon for April and May. We are extremely relieved to have canceled the trip to Yosemite which would have come a week or so before the wedding. Sad to miss it this year, but too stressful to make it.

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