Friday, November 14, 2008

Well, People Are Coming

I am not sure why, but we are having a terrible time trying to make friends at church.

We usually make friends by spending time with people at church, a.k.a. Sunday school or small groups, but this church does not have those things. I tried to make friends by serving, but I only became acquainted with the secretary because the building was empty, no big surprise here, when you are cleaning it. I worked in the nursery for the Saturday night services this summer, and also came up empty. There was never more than one child at a time in there. Well, once I had two children, and talked to one of the moms who hung around a while, but they did not stay at the church. They were just visiting and trying to decide whether or not to leave their old church. Total strikeout.

Another way we have of making friends at churches is by having people over for dinner. Everyone whom we have gotten to know in this way has left the state. One left the country; she moved to Australia. She sends me fascinating emails replete with photos of all that they are doing and experiencing, and sweet personal notes and encouragements that she is praying for me. Alas, she is an email friend. We need some flesh and blood friends.

Our final way of making friends is by having parties. We are supposed to have one tonight, and I think that it may have bombed before it even started.

Hey!!! The phone rang. Aimee and Brent are coming...It may be a fun time after all.

I will let you know.


Joel said...

We're trying to invite new people over. We'll see how that goes.

Mrs. Sinta said...

It actually turned out to be a very fun party. Two couples from church came, and two couples not from church. Everybody connected with somebody. It gave me hope.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Of course, the Christian brother who called me, "Unorthodox," came to the party, and he turned out to be a whole lot of fun.

Sometimes I think He laughs from His throne.

Gabrielle Krake said...

Oh man, I just left you this really long encouragement, and a HUGE error happened and wiped it out! So here it is in a nut shell:

* Church is weird, but I do my best to love people because I love Jesus.
* Christian friends are even more difficult because I expect them to be different that everyone else and they aren't.
* We have always served or headed entire ministries and our true friends are few.
* Let do bumper stickers, "Unorthodox United". I'm there too, ask anyone, if they really search themselves, they LOVE me or simply TOLERATE me!
* The beauty contest we call life is only for God to judge, thank goodness! I just wish others would stop trying. :)
* And finally, I want to come to a party!

Gabrielle Krake said...

By the way the other post was way more eloquent. :)