Monday, August 11, 2008

What I Learned From Watching The Olympics

Yikes. Did anyone else see that women's gymnastic team last night in the pre-lims? Shockingly, they lost one of their top performers to an injury just moments before the round started, and had to go with an alternate gymnast. Because they already had one injured player, this meant that there was no buffer zone for big errors. (Usually they have the option of dropping a score.)

As I watched the alternate gymnast perform, forgive me because I have no idea of anyone's names, I said to myself that I should really do whatever I do as unto the Lord, and then when life's outrageous opportunities come along like that, I would be ready.

I am not a gymnast, so I am not exactly sure how it applies to my life which does not look chock full of opportunity at the moment, but I did clean my house today! Most likely, no one will notice, but me. Oh well. There is something really great about starting your week with a clean house. It is just that the networks were not here to cover it.

Ryan's twin friend, Richard, came over today and they were doing something on computers together in Ryan's room. Randy, our dog, walked in his room, looked at them, barfed on the floor, and walked out.

I am sorry for my dog not feeling well, but I think that is hysterical.

Did I mention that Ryan brought me a chocolate cigar? That is almost as good as a network contract and winning a medal. I have to share it with Abby, so I am eating my part first.

I am sure that I learned something else from the Olympics, but I do not know what. Okay, so now I remembered it.

I was watching the men's 150 mile bike race, and noticed that at the very end that the guy from France stood up on his bike and pedaled like mad with his bike kind of weaving from left to right. I learned that even world class Olympic bikers sometimes have to really kick it to win. The absolutely fascinating corollary is that I rode my bike (with a new basket on the back) to the grocery store today and brought home the goods.

Watch the late night recap with Bob Costas and me at 11. I will share my ice cream on network television.


SprinklerBandit said...

Is it Rocky Road ice cream? That's my favorite right now.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Tillamook Mudslide.

Lyssa said...

I love the Olympics. Watcing Michael Phelps swim is mind-blowing. And I like the gymnastics : )

bristowmom said...

Call me sick, but the part about Randy made me laugh! A lot. See you soon. Hope Randy is better by then. (Ask me about the gorilla story. It is very similar to the Randy story.)

R said...

I have not watched one second of the Olympics. Do we even get that channel, I wonder? We have to. I just never watch TV. But I am not against eating ice cream on the couch in front of the tv when it is not on!!!

Tillamook Mudslide sounds really really good.

Mrs. Sinta said...

I have missed just about every Phelps performance, which I regret! It seems like when I turn on the Olympics that an event I don't care for is on at that time, like distance spitting or speed knitting.

Sometimes the commercials are weird. Has anyone else seen that really disgusting Sumo wrestler commercial? I am thankful for the mute button.

I regret to say that I had ice cream twice in one day. Even climbing Tablerock and running down did not make up for it.

Alisa said...

I think Randy is funny.

I like ice cream.

I like bicycles!

This summer I worked at a restaurant, and I had a milkshake almost every day. I gained 10 pounds, but I also never rode my bike. During the school year I ride between 2 and 6 miles a day.