Saturday, August 23, 2008

Summing It Up

Well, add together not getting to sleep last night until about 4 a.m. plus getting up and biking to running practice at 7 a.m. plus going 18 miles and factor in being middle aged, and I am tired tonight. The weather was great, and I refueled with gummi bears instead of runner's goo. All in all, it was a happy day, and I was very happy with my time for the mileage, but I am beat.

I went to a great restaurant to celebrate our anniversary this evening with wonderful Mr. Sinta. We cannot believe that the years have passed so quickly. Mr. Sinta wondered if I would do anything differently if I had it to do over. I said that I would, but I could not think of anything at the time. Now I have had time to reflect on it, and I think I would be a better wife, and a nicer, less demanding mom, and I would hope that I would eat healthier and not be so fat. All things that I can still try to improve on while I am among the living.


R said...

Gummi Bears?

I need some.

18 miles? And you lived?

So I am inspired, ok?

Happy Anniversary.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Yep. Gummis. I saw it in a running book.

We took a short walk break at the end of every mile, and it restored our energy so we could keep going. It is called the walk run walk method of training. It feels like you are wasting time, but you actually get better speed overall because you are running stronger.

I have to admit that this week I had second thoughts about running the big M, but I decided that there is no turning back on this one as long as I am physically able to handle each incremental increase. It is too overwhelming to think about 26 before I get there.

I am glad that a weenie old person who needs to lose 30 pounds can inspire you!

Thank you.

R said...

You are just over all inspiring no matter what you do. You have a drive like no other.

I still need to write you back; sorry for the delay.