Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Okay, My Big News

I was accepted at the School of Ministry at my church for the upcoming school year which means I will be attending classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and reading selected books on the same topics. Evidently there are monthly tests as well, and I will need to wear casual business attire and have good attendance, character and attitude.

Mr. Sinta will not be attending the classes with me because he is out of town frequently, and they do not accept auditors.

My friend, Jessie, who wrote my letter of recommendation, told me to keep an open mind and be teachable. This is amazing because she is not even charismatic, but I plan to listen to her.

I have no plans whatsoever of going into ministry. I look at this as kind of a bridge year from being a homemaker/home school mom to actually starting a new life when Abby goes off to college almost exactly a year from now.

I will not be doing BSF this year which is a little sad because they are studying the life of Moses, and I love Moses and the ladies at BSF. They were loving and caring and studied deeply and commented thoughtfully, called me every week and prayed for me everyday. I will love them forever.

That's my big news.

Also, I got new running shoes and went nine miles today without any big pains even though I had never even walked in these shoes before because I needed to get in some mileage and break in the shoes in a hurry because the half-marathon draweth nigh!

My shoes are basically the same model as before only I could only get them in red and black so now I have Spiderman running shoes. They don't have Spiderman on them or anything, but they are the right colors and look a little webby across the toes.

I also got a cool product called Glide which will keep my clothes from the very painful chafing and irritation that I have experienced of late. Unfortunately, I forgot to put it on today. Did you know that your skin can talk to you?


Alisa said...

That's exciting! How many people are accepted each year?

Mrs. Sinta said...

This is only the second year. I don't know. Not everyone is from our church. I would guess about 20-30 people.

R said...

Hope it goes ok.

The run will, I am certain.