Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tennis, Anyone?

Abby and I played tennis in the rain yesterday morning. I won the first set of the year. I can tell you that and not feel conceited or contemptuous because I do not think that will always be the case so I have to enjoy it while I can.

Ryan and I enjoyed watching our team win in the last 26 seconds of the third (and final) period of the hockey game on Friday night. Ordinarily I despise professional hockey because fighting is so rampant that it can look more like World Wrestling than a serious sport requiring skill and years of training by top level athletes. This particular game got off to a terrible start when two players started to fight, and the referees made almost no effort to stop them. It looked totally staged and blatantly ridiculous in addition to the fact that fighting is ridiculous anyway. After that things calmed down although there were a lot of penalties. The rules have changed since Mr. Sinta and I had season tickets to the U of Minn Gopher hockey games. Now, when a play is out on a penalty and the opposing team scores, the team returns to full strength, but the player remains in the penalty box until he has served the entire penalty term. It is just as well because this keeps the thugs off the ice for longer periods of time.

On the wedding front, Aimee and I purchased materials to make her invitations. She is having a small dinner party at which we are going to assemble all of them. Aimee is the amazing social butterfly. Aside from stealing face book friends, she is darn near perfect. We forgive her for this. She collects friends like some people collect stamps.

For those who desire a good laugh today, check David Hollander's new political site.

It will open up your opportunity to make a resounding political statement to your neighbors, family, friends, and tailgaters. Yes, he is selling funny bumper stickers. We like David. Even though he attended the University of Idaho, he still qualifies as a good guy on our list.

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