Friday, March 21, 2008

Other News

Today is Good Friday, but I didn't know that several weeks ago when I purchased hockey tickets so Ryan and I could go to the Mother/Son hockey night that our church advertised. It has not been a resounding social success in the numbers. There will only be six of us, and one of us doesn't have any sons, but she is coming because I told her we would have more fun if she came too. It seems sacreligious to go to a hockey game today, but I am not throwing out the money on tickets just because Easter comes early this year. In honor of our day, I made Ryan toast, juice and fried a package of bacon for him. Additionally, when I left his room, I carried out his dirty dishes. He was in shock. I don't know if I have ever made him breakfast before, at least not since he could feed himself. It has actually degenerated to him grabbing a box of cereal and eating it in his room. There is nothing like having college students in your house. They are almost a sub-species of the human race. That is not saying anything negative about them. I hear that eventually they shed their skin like snakes when they graduate, and a nearly mature thoughtful human being emerges.

Abby is breaking all the sales goals that they have set for her at JC Penney's. We are happy for her, but we are not taken by surprise. This child was trained by her older siblings to be persuasive since she could talk. They also taught her to walk at 12 months. This made her very useful to them. They were always sending her out to us with requests for whatever it was that they thought we would say, "No," to. She has many naturally endearing and useful qualities: a will of iron, a desire to come out on top, a winning smile and she is beautiful. At one point, she wanted to be a gymnast in the Olympics. Dad said, "No way." Another time, she decided to be an actress in Hollywood. She had just landed the understudy for the lead in a local play. Dad reiterated, "No way." Next year is her senior year, and then she is headed to Portland for Bible college. Funny thing, the name of the school is actually: Portland Bible College. Amazing how that works. I am reasonably sure that she has no plans to return here to live. The bird will have permanently flown the coop. No worries. She can always pay her way selling shoes or managing underlings. At times I think we should have gone the Catholic route and given her another middle name, "Bwana."

And now, in this premiere post, I announce a new family member, Brent T. You can call him Mr. T. I am getting a son in law in just a matter of weeks. He is going to take great care of Aimee. We know this because she owns her own hand gun and knows how to use it. No, not true. She has her own hand gun, but actually he adores her. She is like the Princess Bride. She is moving from her exalted and wonderfully spoiled position in one household to the next. He even knows how to cook, and he enjoys it. He is currently scouting out real estate and looking to buy her a home. He spoils her in countless ways which I will not begin to reiterate here because eventually you would be bored, and I have other things to do today, like go to a hockey game tonight. She will be one well taken care of woman.

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