Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Details

This afternoon we drove to Weiser and Aimee selected her wedding flowers ( pale yellow roses) at a small and interesting shop. I met Brent's mom who is delightfully honest and down to earth. We toured all over the church, measured things, brought home a hymnal to select songs and talked about cake and the reception. Over spring break, we are going to make the invitations. Aimee said that we waited to long to order them to be printed, but we are going to copy some beautiful ones that friends of hers made for their wedding. We are brainstorming about what to do for Aimee's entrance because this church does not allow instrumental music. I suggested that everyone could whistle the Wedding March. Alternatively, we could have someone announce, "Let's all look at Aimee!" Aimee did not have big musical plans for her wedding, but wanted the Hallelujah Chorus for the recessional. We are thinking that if we could get a car with big speakers in the parking lot positioned just right, that we could blast the building, not use any instruments, and still get the effect. Well, probably not. I hope you know that I am kidding about the musical plans. Something will work out. Brent's mom is going to see if they can bend the rules for us.

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