Friday, March 28, 2008

Making Them

Last night was the come-and-make-our-wedding-invitations-for-us dinner party.

Wow, what you can sucker people into when you promise them enchiladas and some ice cream.

Our highly skilled and conscientious crew produced beautiful work. I made nary a single one. My job was preparing enchiladas, and doing dishes. My card making skills are best summed up by one of my last trips to the nursing home with our home school group several years ago. I made loads of cards which the kids passed out to residents. Teresa R. planned these events, which were very fun, and truly some were eventful. (Poor Matt resident with mental issues hit him. He has since recovered and will become a police man. Soon, he can throw them all in the slammer. That's another story, another time.) The residents thought that the cards that I made were made by the children. The oldest was about 8 at the time. I am not complaining; this is one of the most complimentary things ever uttered about my cards. This explains why I pulled enchilada duty.

Oops. One funny thing that I forgot about the enchilada crowd was their music. They played classical music, the Beach Boys, and the Arrogant Worms from Canada. The Worms sang about how wonderful the world would be if everybody had a gun. It was a pretty catchy tune, as well as a number about Snappy the Gator who lives at the bottom of the pond and eats children. For your pleasure, I am adding a link to their famous song: Me Like Hockey

My other job last night was to chronicle the event with photos which we will remember forever. In addition to the face shots, I did hand portraits, and Jenn A. did a group portrait of everyone's feet. I would post them for you, but you, dear readers, know my technical limitations.

Abby and I played tennis yesterday despite the cold. She is quickly improving (except for her backhand which needs work) and it will not be long before I will have to post losses, if I report our scores at all.

Tonight is the Jr/Sr dinner for home educators. Abby is finally old enough to attend. I hope that it is all that she has dreamed it would be. If not, she still gets to wear that beautiful green spaghetti strap job with the knockout silver shoes. We all need to play the princess while we can!

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SprinklerBandit said...

I never made that connection about Matt S before. How interesting...