Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Rehearsal Dinner

The Rehearsal dinner was in a tiny cafe in Midvale, Idaho, located about 750 feet from the church. To the best of my knowledge, the cafe and the church are the only things other than a few houses and a grain elevator in Midvale, Idaho. Since Midvale is a two hour drive from Boise, we asked to have the dinner on Thursday evening. (This gave us Friday to take care of last minute details.)

On Thursday evening we arrived early in Midvale and Aimee needed to use the bathroom at the cafe. She and Megan went in, and greeted a man sitting in the cafe. Megan asked Aimee if she knew him. She replied that she did not know him, but she was probably going to be related to him, since her fiance is related to everyone in Midvale except the infamous Sen. Larry Craig. (We did not invite Sen. Craig to the wedding, because we were afraid that he might come. Some of our other guests might have made an issue of his presence, and made him feel less than welcome.) At any rate, it turned out that Aimee actually is related to this man, and he was also the pastor who performed the ceremony. Life really is stranger than fiction.

The cafe dinner; meatloaf, potatoes, a great salad bar, homemade veggie soup, the best rolls that I have ever eaten in my life, and cheesecake, was great. After dinner, we rolled our fat bodies over to the church. The moms spent their time trying to stay out of the way and not be controlling or demanding which was really funny because everything was so low key that it was almost too low key! Aimee decided to march in after her bridesmaids. I took a video of the practice with my camera, and in the middle of practice, Aimee ran off the platform to the back of the church. Someone yelled, "Runaway Bride," but she was back momentarily after helping with the sound or something. I can't remember too much more about the practice except that they practiced about 3 times how everything would work. I set up a table for the cake people to put the cake on, and everyone departed happily.

On Friday, we ambled around taking care of things, and Aimee turned out to be the only offspring home for dinner. So, for her Last Supper, she requested spaghetti, but without the Awful Whole Wheat pasta. We did it Her Way. She spent hours doing her laundry. If you have ever seen her room, you know that for months it has been difficult to even make a path into the room because of the books and clothing strewn about. She could not use her desk or her chair because they were filled with stuff. I quit using her bathroom, even in emergencies, because she quit cleaning it months ago. She would use her laptop while sitting on her bed or come upstairs and work on our sofa because her workspace was not usable. I hope the Brent is ready for this woman. I have to say that she also got all A's and one A plus, and she is vice president of two campus organizations and has two part time jobs etc. She is in more organizations, but she is only an officer in two. Anyway, that is why her room is a mess. It never makes it into the action part of her priority list. Abby and I keep smelling something terrible in her room since the wedding, but we cannot figure out what it is. It is like something died in there. We have given up the search and decided that we will really, really clean it when she leaves.

I have to get ready for work, so I will continue with the Wedding Story later!


SprinklerBandit said...

Brent and I went to the store yesterday and got food.

No yucky whole wheat pasta for us!

I then proceeded to cook some and make dinner. And I made breakfast this morning.

How's that for a change?

Mrs. Sinta said...

I am simply incredibly impressed. Even I do not make breakfast. Wow!