Friday, May 23, 2008

I fell for it.

It was not Aimee's dream since she was six years old to go down the aisle first; she made that up. She told her bridesmaids that she would say that if anyone questioned her decision! Last night at the rehearsal, she changed her mind and decided to walk in last...I am so naive.

The rehearsal dinner was great. I did not expect that because it was at the only diner, a tiny little diner in a tiny little Idaho town. It was fantastic.

The rehearsal went went although not everyone could make it. Of course, in the end, it doesn't matter if the rehearsal goes well, but if the real thing goes well.

I could not sleep last night, and I was up until 5 a.m. Yes, I am bleary and teary today. Aimee and I took a morning walk, and I took the girls out to lunch and we met up with Mr. Sinta.

I have spent my day running around getting last minute things for the wedding. Some of it was fun things like bottles of bubbles to blow at the honeymoon farewell. My house is really disorderly at the moment. We keep getting more and more gifts in the mail and delivered. Abby had to go to work tonight. I think I am going to try to take a nap. I feel weepy and off-center. I am confident that tomorrow will be lots of fun.

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