Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Very Brief

Abby and I were running around like crazy on Tuesday to get ready for the Home School Graduation meeting. She was madly searching for AA batteries for her camera because they went out just as we desperately needed to print a portrait for her file. I sent her to the drugstore. She was not very happy with me because she expected me to just "have" one. In this household, AA batteries are harder to keep than fresh flowers. I won't list any names, but I think RT eats them for lunch. They simply do not last.

I was running around the spider-webby basement digging through old boxes trying to find a baby picture of Abby for the yearbook committee. In all of my scrounging, I came up with two. Too late, I realize that most of Abby's baby photos contain her brother and sister because they were always together. Sometimes I think that I did not really give birth to her, but Ryan and Aimee somehow cloned her. I do remember bringing her home from the hospital. They were thrilled to have her! I should remind them.

I grabbed the photo that was in the best condition realizing only later that it was a portrait studio shot from Penney's, and they committee would require a signed release. We will have another go at it another day.

I have said all of that to say that the real find in all of my digging was the Beanie Baby Wedding Album. Yes, in 1999, two of our beanies were married in full dress with a beanie pastor, and actual wedding guests. Grandma and Grandpa were the only guests, but hey, they were really good sports about it! They always are. They are awesome. Anyway, I have photos of the whole thing. Aimee put it together with captions etc., and it is really cute. I laughed and laughed when I found it.

The really funny thing about it is that her own wedding was only 9 years later! How fast they grow up. She and Brent had a real pastor though, and not a beanie pastor. And once again, Grandma and Grandpa came and posed with the wedding party. Having them around makes everything always seem more official. It is nice to have them close enough to do stuff with us.

I should head for bed. I actually slept last night. It was wonderful.


bristowmom said...

Glad to hear you slept! That is rare for so many of us. For my part, I stayed up LATE last night watching the Palin speech and trying to get ready for our first day of homeschool. So while I often have trouble with not being ABLE to sleep, the past few nights the problem is just not taking the TIME to sleep. Well, not as much time as I would like anyhow. But I think I got really caught up on sleep while in Idaho so I'm good for several years now.

Mrs. Sinta said...

Not to brag, but I have now slept two nights in a row without interruption. I wish I had seen the Palin speech. She is the most exciting this to happen to the Republican party since the Reagan years.

SprinklerBandit said...

Wow... I remember that. It was a Very Important Occasion, as I recall. We even made invitations. I'll have to come see it.

R said...

Great on the sleep. I have been doing well too with that since getting up early for school and then running a million miles a day (unlike you, who runs a billion).

I have slept great all week!!!!!